Case Study of Astrid NYUNGE N0 2

Astrid is a BME woman who arrived in Manchester in 2013 from Congo in Africa. She is married to a Doctor and have 6 children and grandchildren, borne on 31/07/1955 in Congo. Astrid has a very good life in Congo but flew from Domestic violence and political abuse

Astrid was suffering a lot before encountering Dynamic Support

First of all, she had a language barrier, she couldn’t express her needs even to the public, she didn’t know where to go, who to approach to seek for help, therefore she was very scare of her life, as she was always locked in her flat, in her situation, she was allowed to claim some help but didn’t know that she was entitled for example to claim free medical prescription. She was always lonely, and isolated, thinking that her husband can find her and kill her.

She came across Dynamic Support of Greater Manchester in 2014- 2015 through leaflets that were left at a Pentecostal church based before in Ardwick, 12 Midland, with our telephone number on it, a friend from church helped her to call Dynamic Support in Chorlton and made an appointment with us, came and told what she needed and from that day, Astrid remains with Dynamic. 

She has been accessing our support now for 4 years now. She got involve totally in divers’ activities with dynamic, she humbles herself by sharing her life, helping other beneficiaries with services, advices and many other supports she could also give.

During that time, Astrid can participate in cultural event, help to organise other Events as well, she can make textiles.

The Grant with Rosa As a result, she has improved her English speaking and writing skills, by attending Basic English speaking and writing round table workshops that Dynamic always organise when women/girls do things such as: sewing, tie-dye, wellbeing workshops etc…All these has helped Astrid to break those barriers in her life, fear, self-low-esteem, she is no more discourage of her life, instead, she is now empowered, no more isolated, she is actually welcoming new people , other women with almost the same problems like hers in her house for weeks and months before they settle, this by taking them in Dynamic. She has a very wide circle of friends now, as in Dynamic they have created a choir group to socialise. She is responsibly a Leader of counselling in Dynamic.

Astrid says: “Dynamic is a social moral, but although it has helped me as a person physically, it has allowed me to integrate in this country, it has helped a lot to take away all handicaps, problems that I had when I came to this country. Because we are coming from countries undeveloped, because we are coming without knowing where we are going, therefore, dynamic has helped me to learn new skills, show a way, good directions, different levels and doors to knock when I have administration problem, it is continuing till now to help me with social life,

I have gained new skills and have good knowledge like how to “treat yourself”, without going to the hospital (Example, to eat fruit, good food, to sleep well, you don’t need to go and see your GP for the basic health and wellbeing that you can follow to avoid sickness. Dynamic has helped me to love working with my hands, like sewing, knitting, things that I have forgotten to do when I was young girl. Dynamic took me to a trip in Tatton, it has remembered me my farm back to Africa, Because I had as well a farm, I really got well. I am very grateful.

So today, I feel that I am useful to the society because compare to when I first came, lack of language, I was lost, and now I am useful to my community. For example, today because I received good treatment with dynamic, I decided to help other women/ girls who are coming newly in England and to help young mothers with the benefit of breastfeeding and other advices; most in Manchester; by inviting them to join Dynamic to be empowered as well!

I am happy, I feel empowered too, I can speak English without fear and shameful attitude in public places, I recently asked my GP for a smear test which before I found a shame!!! I can use WhatsApp, open my email use internet, all these because of workshops and trainings that Dynamic Support organises. Today as I am talking to you, I have my Food and Hygiene certificate from Dynamic, I have learned a lot, and I am confident.

Finally, my voluntary involvement into different activities within Dynamic has allowed me to be promoted as an adviser. I really value the massif job that Dynamic Support is doing in people lives includes my life.”

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